The scale is not the only indicator of weight loss progress. In fact, frequently stepping on it can cause frustration and panic, which can result in bigger problems like eating disorders and depression.

Sometimes the scale may not change even though you’re getting leaner. So use different methods to identify any changes in your physique and size. Here are 6 methods you can use to track your weight loss progress.

1. Take pictures

One of the reasons folks lose weight is to improve their physique. Well, pictures will show you the slightest improvements in your physique.

Take pictures after every two weeks and compare them. It’s important you take them at the same place, using the same camera angle. If you take them while wearing clothes, make sure you wear the same outfit.

2. Clothes

If your pants start to get loose or shirts are no longer tight, it’s probably a sign you’re getting slimmer. Be keen on how well your clothes fit.

3. Body measurements

Use a tape measure to take measurements around your hips, waist, thighs, arms and so on. Write down the measurements, then take measurements again after a month and see if you notice any improvements.

Bagel Labs’ addition: Now with Bagel Smart Tape Measure, you don’t have to write down any measurements. Save your measurements on Bagel and your smartphone will show you if your diet is working.

4. Track body fat percentage

One of the easiest ways to track body fat percentage is to use pictures. Take pictures of yourself and compare them with these images of body fat percentage.

Alternatively, you can use body calipers. Fold the skin on your belly, triceps, thighs and back then take measurements with the calipers.

5. Strength

Many of us tend to focus on weight loss and forget that strength is an important aspect of fitness. Frankly, if you focus on building strength, transforming your body will be easier than you ever thought possible.

Training for strength gets rid of the frustrations most folks deal with in their weight loss journey. Simply keep track of the number of reps you do in each workout and work on increasing the reps workout after workout.

6. Blood work

Clearly, weight loss is not just about getting lean. Losing weight will improve your overall health and reduce risk of diseases.

Go get your blood tested by a doctor. Then after a few weeks or months go back for another test. Maybe your blood sugar and cholesterol will have stabilized or your blood pressure may have gone down.

Frankly, the scale is frustrating for most people. So use any of the above methods to track progress. Trust me, when you notice progress, however small, you’ll be motivated to keep going.