How smart can a tape measure actually be? And how smart should a tape measure be? You may be completely satisfied, at least for now, with your old tape measure that does the job, but might change your mind when you see Bagel Labs’ smart tape measure called Bagel. And hey, considering the fact that the modern tape measure was first patented almost 150 years ago, it seems only natural for tape measures to catch up with other measuring tools now packed with technology.

Bagel smart tape measure has three modes from which you can select to measure size or distance. In string mode, you can pull out the string and measure whatever you would measure with a normal tape measure. In wheel mode, you can get the size of curved objects just by rolling the device, and in remote mode, Bagel uses its ultrasonic sensor to let you measure distance up to 5 meters just by pointing the sensor at the target. You can see the measurement in real time through its digital display and save the data with just a click of a button.

But that’s not really what makes Bagel smart. The device can save up to one hundred measurements and lets you record a voice memo that gets tagged to your measurement. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone and its mobile app helps you manage your size data along with text tags that are automatically converted from voice memos.

Potential applications of the smart tape measure and its mobile app are endless. One example is in the weight loss market where 45 million Americans spend 33 billion dollars every year on weight-loss products. With Bagel, dieters can now keep track of their body sizes and check if their routine is really working. Another is in the fashion market where size is a big problem both for consumers and producers. Armed with accurate, up-to-date body size data, online shoppers will now have less trouble buying clothes that fit, not to mention saving retailers from the high return rates and repackaging, restocking costs. Of course, the use of this smart tape measure is not limited to analyzing body shapes. Bagel Labs is planning to work with virtual reality platforms so that users can create 3D blueprints and fill virtual homes with their sofas and tables.

Smart tape measure Bagel is currently in its final stages of development and is set to launch on Kickstarter this summer. Unit price has not been decided yet but will be under 50 dollars.


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