Startup Puts a New Spin on Age-Old Tool, Merging Utility with IoT

Bagel Labs today announced the start of its Kickstarter campaign to introduce its internet-connected smart measuring tape, the Bagel. Bagel Labs will run the campaign through Aug. 2, and has set a goal of $30,000 to begin the manufacture of its product.

Bringing the age-old tool to the 21st century, the Bagel smart measuring tape lets users easily capture any measurement using one of three modes. String mode allows users to simply pull out Bagel’s unmarked string to measure length. Bagel’s patented sensor technology calculates length, and the measurement instantly appears on screen. In wheel mode, users can hold the Bagel in one hand and roll it on any surface, including curves, to see measurements on the digital display. Perfect for measuring walls or ceilings that are difficult to reach, in remote mode, users point to what they need measured, and Bagel’s ultrasonic sensor computes the distance between the tape measure and the object being measured. The digital display then immediately displays the distance.

“For nearly 150 years, since the first patent for a tape measure was filed, the product has remained virtually unchanged,” saidSoohong Park, CEO of Bagel Labs. “Despite all the innovation in the smart home space, one of the most indispensable tools hasn’t evolved to serve the needs of today’s consumer. Our goal with the Bagel is to offer users an easier way to measure anything – be it room dimensions for a home improvement project, precise inseam length for the tricky task of online ordering, or muscle gains for fitness enthusiasts.”

Bagel’s smart component comes into play through its complementary Android and iOS apps, which allow users to save digital measurements to their smartphones via Bluetooth. With just a click of a button on the Bagel, measurements are saved to the Bagel app. Users can even record a description of measurements and Bagel’s voice recognition feature will convert voice memos into text and save with the appropriate measurement on the Bagel app.

The Bagel smart tape measure starts at $49 for the first 100 backers, with pricing increasing incrementally thereafter.  Donations can be made via the Bagel Labs Kickstarter page.

About Bagel Labs
South Korean startup Bagel Labs is the creator of Bagel, a smart tape measure that enables users to seamlessly measure the size of anything with ease. By clicking a button, users can save, record and share size data via Bagel’s user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS. For additional information, please visit and follow Bagel Labs onFacebook and Twitter.