Pros and Cons of 3 Most Common Measuring Devices

There are various tools available that will help you measure length or distance. While most of them are still in analog forms, there are also a few digital measuring devices. Whether you are working at a construction site or on a DIY project in your garage, here are three of the most commonly used size measuring tools: tape measures, laser measuring devices, and wheel measures. In this article, we will look into the pros and cons of each of these tools.

  1. Tape Measure

plastic tape measureRetractable tape measures are probably the most frequently used length measuring tool. They are relatively inexpensive, durable, and can fit in any of your tool belt or pocket. On the con side, retractable tape measures are limited to serving a single purpose – to measure length in a straight line. The distance that the metal tape part of a tape measure can stretch without bending, known as the “stand-out”, often determines the quality of the tape measure. Because of this design to make the tape as straight as possible, the retractable tape measure is not suitable for measuring diameters or lengths on curved objects. Even for measuring straight distances, when it gets too long, you need help from a marking flag or a friend.

  1. Laser Measuring Device

With advancements in optical and laser technology, laser measuring devices have entered many of ourlaser measuring tool toolboxes. These compact devices offer quick distance measurements and even provide memory to store some of the data. Another advantage of the laser measuring device is that you will never need anyone to help you with your measurements, whether it be 100 or 200 meters. But these features do not come without a price. The device itself is quite expensive, ranging from $30 to over $100 dollars depending on distance reach. You also need certain light and weather conditions for the laser to work accurately, not to mention steady hands for precise readings. Moreover, laser distance meters are not as effective when measuring short distances.

  1. Measuring Wheels

measuring wheelMeasuring wheels offer a fast, practical way to measure long distances, both indoors and outdoors. They come in various sizes to suit your needs and some even have digital screens that display the distance. However, measuring wheels are known to be less accurate on rough or soft terrain. Obstacles in the way may also reduce accuracy.

All of the three most commonly used measuring devices mentioned above each have their own pros and cons. But because of their shortcomings, workers in sites and on DIY projects have to carry all of them.


All-in-one Smart Digital Measuring Device, Coming soon

Bagel Labs
, a hardware technology startup has developed an 0001innovative smart tape measure that can replace the three aforementioned length measurement tools. So basically, it’s the only measuring device you will ever need. Bagel measures length or distance in three different ways — Bagel uses its string, wheel, and ultrasonic sensor to basically do everything the three tools mentioned above are designed to accomplish.

But that’s not all Bagel smart tape measure can do. You must have seen people put masking tapes on their tape measures to write their measurements on. It really is a hassle to move back and forth between your tape measure and notepad on which you take note of the measurements. Bagel solves that problem. Bagel smart tape can save your measurement Bagel_1.3with just a click of a button and lets you record a voice memo. Yes, leave a voice memo of what you just measured and Bagel will tag it to your measurement data. Bagel itself can save up to 100 measurements each with its own voice memo and also transfer data to your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send all data to your phone, on which you can use Bagel’s mobile app to view and organize data. Don’t be surprised yet. The mobile app uses voice recognition technology to convert each of your voice memos into text and save them with your data. Say goodbye to notepads, pens, and masking tapes on your tape measures.

Bagel smart tape measure will be available on Kickstarter this June, and will be priced under $50.

For now take a look at this video on how Bagel’s ultrasonic sensor works.