Easy DIY Gardening Project with a Smart Tape Measure

As June 21st marks the first day of summer, what better way to spend your days than to get started on DIY home improvement projects to upgrade your home? With Bagel Labs’ Smart Tape Measure on the way, there is no excuse to sit around for any longer.


Our friend Soo Park shares how he uses Bagel Smart Tape Measure’s ultrasonic sensor and wheel functions to add value to his backyard.


1. Cut Bushes Down to Clear Area



2. Measure Distance with a Ultrasonic Sensor

Using the ultrasonic, laser pointer measuring function, Park measures the width of the plot and confirms the dimension using a traditional tape measure.


Tape Measure Check


3. Measure Distance with a Wheel

Alternately, Park can measure the length of the plot using a wheel. As with the ultrasonic measurement, the dimension found using the wheel function is also accurate.




4. Cut Tarp to Match Previously Recorded Measurement

With Bagel’s ability to store measurements using a voice memo, using previously recorded measurements is effortless



5. Lay Tarp & Stones



Thanks to Bagel’s accurate measurements, Park is able to efficiently complete a DIY gardening project to beautify his home. If you would like to get your hands on a Bagel for any of your home improvement projects, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our Kickstarter campaign and product developments.


To find out more about Bagel Smart Measure’s functions, check out our website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel.


Article contributed by Lindsey Park.