Remote mode measurements are inaccurate

Bagel’s remote mode uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure distance. Because sound waves generated by the ultrasonic sensor tends to disperse with an angle, Bagel’s display will indicate the distance of the nearest object in the pointed direction. For more accurate measurements, please remove obstacles in the measuring direction. Some other possible reasons for the inaccuracies are that 1. the object is too far away, 2. target is too small or narrow, or 3. target surface is not facing the ultrasonic sensor.

String mode measurement does not return to zero

When the string is retracted too quickly, Bagel’s measurement may not return to zero. In this case, you can simply click the Mode button once to reset your measurement to zero.

Bagel's display won't turn on

It is possible that your Bagel was left powered on and that discharged its battery. Please charge the device using a micro USB cable and try again. It should take 2 to 3 hours to completely charge Bagel.

How far can Bagel measure?

Bagel has a different measurement range for each of the three modes:
1. String mode: 0m – 3m (0 – 9’6″)
2. Wheel mode: 0m – 10m (0 – 32’9″)
3. Remote mode: 30cm – 500cm (1′ – 16’4″)

String mode measurements are inaccurate

String mode accuracy can be influenced by the speed of pull and retraction. Please avoid pulling the string too quickly or completely letting it go in order to ensure maximum accuracy. Pulling the strong no faster than 50 cm/s (20 in/s) and retracting no faster than 10 cm/s (4 in/s) is recommended for accuracy.

Why is my Bagel displaying an exclamation mark(!) in string mode?

Bagel displays an exclamation mark(!) when the string is retracted too quickly. This notifies the user that the string has been retracted at speeds higher than 10m/s and can be inaccurate. The exclamation mark(!) disappears at zero. If your Bagel displays an exclamation mark(!) and is not at zero even when the string has been fully retracted, you can reset to zero by pressing the mode button on Bagel.

How do I make an inside measurement?

To make inside measurements, you can turn on Bagel’s offset mode which will add the device’s diameter to your measurement.

1. Long-press the mode button to enter ‘Settings’

2. Use the wheel to scroll to ‘Offset’ and press the save button to enter

3. Use the wheel to scroll to ‘On’ and press the save button to select

4. Now Bagel will automatically add Bagel’s diameter (8cm) to your measurement so that you can make inside measurements more easily

How accurate is Bagel?

Bagel has a different measurement accuracy for each of the three modes:
1. String mode: ±5mm. This applies to to measurements between 0 – 280cm (0 – 9’2″). Error may be larger for longer lengths
2. Wheel mode: ±0.5%
3. Remote mode: ±0.5% + 1 digit at -10˚C – 60˚C (14˚F – 140˚F)

The time on Bagel does not match the current time

You can set Bagel’s time to match your current time by pairing Bagel once with your Bagel Labs smartphone app. Please follow the steps listed below:

1. Download the Bagel Labs app from Google play or Apple App Store(coming soon)
2. Pair Bagel with your smartphone through the Bagel Labs app
3. Exit the Bagel labs app
4. Reboot the Bagel device
5. Test by saving a measurement and viewing it on Bagel

If the time mismatch persists, repeating steps 2 to 5 can fix Bagel’s real time clock compatibility issue.

Measurements saved on Bagel are displayed in random order

Bagel displays saved measurements in chronological order. Measurements that have been saved before matching Bagel’s time with your current time will have wrong timestamps and cause the measurement list to seem disorderly. You can solve this problem by backing up previous measurements on the Bagel Labs app and deleting them from the device.

How do I use the bubble level?

You can use the included bubble level to ensure that you are holding Bagel in a perfect horizontal or vertical position.

To attach the bubble level tool, first find two holes on the rounded side of Bagel. Then simply insert the bubble level tool’s two protruding parts into the two holes.

You can remove the bubble level tool by pulling it out with a little bit of force.

Which side of the hook should I use?

You can use any of the two sides of the hook for measuring in string mode but the rubber side is better for gripping onto surfaces.

How do I attach the included strap?

You can attach the strap on Bagel’s silicone case using the two holes on the metal belt clip.


How do I connnect Bagel to its smartphone app?

1. Download the ‘Bagel Labs’ app from Google play or Apple App Store (search for ‘Bagel Labs’)

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone (Settings → Bluetooth)

3. Run the Bagel Labs app

4. On Bagel, long-press the Bluetooth Button until the screen displays “Pairing…”

5. On the app, enter the settings menu (first from the right) and press ‘Connect Bluetooth’

6. Select ‘BAGEL’

7. Bagel will now display ‘BT’ on the top left corner to indicate that pairing is complete

How do I save measurements with a photo?

You can save measurements with photo and visual descriptions. Before you use this function, you must have measurement history on your app’s Home menu (first from the left)

1. Go to the Photo menu (second from the left on the menu bar)

2. Select ‘New’ and enter a title

3. Import a photo from your gallery or take a new photo with your camera

4. Press the ‘+’ button in bottom right corner to load measurements

5. Select the measurements associated with the photo and click ‘+’

6. Select measurements to add on your photo and its line color/type

7. Draw the line on your photo. You can also add tags by clicking on the ‘▼’ button for each measurement

8. Press the ‘√’ button in the right top corner to save and exit


How do I sync Bagel's data with my app?

1. Pair Bagel with your ‘Bagel Labs’ smartphone app (please refer to ‘How do I connect Bagel to its smartphone app?’ on this FAQ)

2. Enter the ‘Measurement’ menu (Yellow button on the menu bar)

3. Press ‘Sync device’

4. Select which data you want to sync with your app. To sync all data, tick the box on the top left corner of the list

5. Press ‘Save’. To sync with voice tags, tick the box and then press ‘Save’

6. You can now view your measurements on the ‘Home’ menu (first from the left on the menu bar)

How do I export and share my measurements?

Sharing measurement data with your colleagues is easy with Bagel Labs app.

1. Go to the ‘Home’ menu (first from the left on the menu bar)

2. Select the measurements to share

3. Click the export button and select which application you want to share with

The file is saved in .csv format that can be imported on a spreadsheet or on notepads

How do I sync Bagel's data with the server?

You can save data on Bagel Labs’ server and retrieve them from different devices. Before you use this function, you need to have some measurement history on the ‘Home’ menu (first from the left on the menu bar).

1. Enter settings menu (first from the right on the menu bar)

2. Click ‘Log in’. If you don’t have an account, create a new account

3. Click ‘Sync Data’ to sync your measurements with the server

How do I use Bagel in real-time measurement mode?

In Bagel’s real-time measurement mode, you can instantly log your data on your smartphone as you measure.

1. Pair Bagel with Smartphone (Please refer to ‘How do I connect Bagel to its smartphone app?’ on this FAQ)

2. Measure something with Bagel Smart Tape Measure and press the save button

4. Your app will send you a notification of the incoming measurement and display it on the ‘Measurement’ menu (Yellow button on the menu bar)


Where can I download a digital copy of the user guide?

You can download a digital copy of the user guide at this link: