Bagel Labs announced Tuesday it will be releasing its smart tape measure through the U.S. crowdfunding site Kickstarter on June 29. Bagel Labs is a start-up that was founded in May 2015 and entered the Start-up Campus in Pangyo in March 2016. The smart tape measure produced by the company, which digitally measures length using a mini-mechanical device and precision sensor, is already gaining attention both in Korea and overseas.

The smart tape measure can determine length using any of three modes: string, wheel or remote. In the string mode, a string unmarked by gradations is used to measure the length of an object. The amount of string that has been pulled out is calculated used engineering principles, and the measurement appears on screen. In wheel mode, a small wheel is used to measure organic shapes such as the total length of the human body or the curved surface of an object. In remote mode, a ray of light is reflected off an object and is used to measure the distance between the smart tape measure and the object being measured. All modes produce precision measurements that appear on the screen in centimeters or inches up to one decimal place.

Digital measurements are immediately saved to the device and can be sent to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Together with the date of measurement, body part/object measured and other pertinent information, the measurement is recorded through a voice recognition app and sent to the Bagel Labs server. CEO Park Soo-hong said of the technology, “Our future goal is to use the smart tape measure to create a convenient and revolutionary platform for our users.” In the meantime, the smart tape measure will be used in the fashion, furniture/home interior and health care sectors.

In preparation for the upcoming release of its smart tape measure on Kickstarter, Bagel Labs is now conducting last-minute tests. “Our goal is to successfully release our product via crowdfunding through Kickstarter and ultimately attract foreign investors to elevate the technology and commercialization of our product,” Park said. “The Born2Global Center has been very helpful in attracting foreign investors as well as providing services for overseas marketing and legal consultation.”

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