Ten Korean Tech Startups to Watch in 2016

More and more Korean tech startups are starting to emerge and we here at Seoul Space thought which of these Korean tech startups have the potential to not only succeed but also go global.  Many of these startups are going outside of Korea to participate in Demo Days to get as much exposure, partners, investors, and advice as possible.  The startups mentioned below are the most promising Korean startups in areas such as AI, wearables, big data, IoT, and edu-tech.  So here are the ten Korean startups to watch for in 2016.

Impressivo – A 3D touch sensor for wearables, IoT devices and VR/AR interfaces.  Impressivo is looking to create a wearable that is able to merge with VR/AR which is one of the hottest trends at the moment.


Armadas – A Smart door lock that ranges in different styles and metals that can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app.  It can also be used as a number lock so the days of carrying around a key will be of the past.


WELT – Made by Samsung’s Creative Lab Project, Welt is the world’s first every “Smart” belt.  It contains an array of sensors packed into the back of its buckle and a micro USB port for charging on its side.


Bagel Labs – The makers of the world’s smartest Tape Measure. Bagel Labs is a tech startup that aims to build data platforms based on size data.  They will be starting aKickstarter campaign in June of this year.

VUNO – VUNO is working with Korea’s top hospitals to collect data and create a revolutionary classification database for diseases.  Using this data, VUNO will be able to create products that will help doctors in identifying and diagnosing diseases in patients.

HUINNO – HUINNO creates products and apps that help to monitor your health.  They focus on innovative healthcare technologies that continuously, accurately, and quickly measure clinically-relevant biometrics.


Innomdlelab – The creators of TipTalk which is a smart watch strap (6mm) that turns any watch into a smart watch.  They have replaceable adapters which allow you to fit the strap on various band sizes and adjustable chains allow you to customize your wrist size.  It also has a pedometer function to keep track of your steps.

iPlateia – An advertising platform for the mobile advertisement industry.  They offer media content identification to real-time based synchronization and user measurement, iPlateia’s technology is now used internationally.


Stratio – Stratio’s core technology is a high quality, low cost, germanium based short wave infrared image sensors.  Great for night vision applications, food inspections, hyper spectral imaging, industrial sorting, and automotive visions systems.


12CM – An O2O services startup that created Echoes Smart Stamp (a virtual stamp as well as an offline stamp) & a cloud platform to enhance customer loyalty.


Source: http://seoulspace.co.kr/ten-korean-tech-startups-to-watch-in-2016/2016/05/25/