Introducing PIE

smart tape measure for your body

PIE is a smart tape measure dedicated to improving your health and fitness.

Find the missing piece to your health.

See your health in a better mirror

Your body weight and bathroom scales don’t tell the whole story.

Good workouts that burn fat and increase muscle mass will make you weigh more even though your body is getting fitter and tighter.

Taking body size measurements is essential

for anyone who wants to track, monitor, and see the results of a healthy, active lifestyle.


With PIE, measuring size is now as easy as pie

Focus on your getting the most out of your workouts. PIE will help you set targets, track progress, and reach your goals.

Easy-Lock Hook

Simply hook the tape tip into PIE’s hook to form a secure loop. Measuring circumferences has never been easier.

Fastening Gear

Get that perfect, snug fit using the fastening gear. You can also use the gear to keep PIE’s tape in place.

Wireless Connectivity

Send all measurements to your smartphone with a simple click. Say no more to writing down notes just to lose them later.


Take full control of your workouts and your measurements

Setting goals and tracking progress is the key to success. Let PIE’s mobile app help you do that like a pro.

PIE: Smart Tape Measure for Your Body

The smartest way to measure size.



Compatible OS iOS / Android
Wireless Bluetooth LE
Battery Up to 10 hours of measuring / Micro USB charging
Color Coral Red
Measuring Units inch / mm / cm
Measurement Range 1in - 59in / 2cm - 150cm
Accuracy ±1/16in / ±1mm