Bagel Labs helps you measure size easily and use your measurements efficiently.

Bagel Labs combines a smart tape measure named Bagel with a mobile App to build a data platform that connects you to consumers and businesses in various markets.

You can keep track of your body size and check if your diet is working.

You can purchase clothes that fit or order tailored shirts online.

The way people measure size has remained unchanged for too long and Bagel Labs is here to change it.


Smart tape measure Bagel was funded with Kickstarter($1.35M) and Indiegogo($55K) in 2016.


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Fast Facts

At Bagel Labs, we believe in the need for easier size measurement. And we believe that digitizing size data will open up so many new opportunities.


Our mission is to provide the tools and services that empower consumers and businesses to make use of size data in all ways possible.

Company Name: Bagel Labs



Founded: June 2015


Offices: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea



CEO: Soohong Park


Soohong Park Ph.D., founder & CEO of Bagel Labs, studied mechanical engineering in Johns Hopkins University and University of Cambridge. After five years of engineering research at Samsung, he strongly felt the need for a smarter way to measure size and founded Bagel Labs.