How to measure obesity with Bagel Labs?

obesity waistFor the past few decades, the percentage of overweight population in the United States has continuously increased, rising from 46% in 1962 to 75% in 2010. As obesity is associated with many acute and chronic health conditions, it comes with no surprise that more people have become interested in fitness and health. Especially, measuring obesity with accuracy has become extremely important for understanding one’s current status as well as properly tracking any changes. This post will introduce you to the most accurate way to measure obesity based on recent studies.


What is the Best Measure of Obesity?

BMI (Body Mass Index) has until recently been widely used for measuring obesity across the globe. However, many reports point out that BMI does not measure obesity properly because it does not reflect the amount of body fat. In this regard, a British Medical Journal study argues that WHtR (Waist to Height Ratio) performs better when it comes to measuring obesity and overall healthiness than BMI does.

WHtR vs. BMI
According to a research published by BMJ, 47% of Americans classified as ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ under BMI were actually healthy and did not possess any symptoms of obesity-related diseases. On the other hand, 30% of Americans classified as ‘normal’ under BMI were suffering from metabolic diseases such as hypertension or hyperlipidemia. These findings implied whtrthat the BMI is an inappropriate measure of obesity and thus, of healthiness.
In fact, BMJ introduces WHtR as a more accurate measure to judge obesity with higher correlation to various metabolic diseases and cardiovascular risk factors. WHtR can be calculated easily by simply measuring one’s waist and height but unfortunately, there has not been an easy way to measure and keep track of one’s waist size. Until Bagel Labs’ smart tape measure, Bagel.


Bagel Smart Tape Measure by Bagel Labs

Bagel Labs has developed a smart digital tape measure called Bagel. This ba003gel-shaped portable device is equipped with a string, a wheel and an ultrasonic sensor for users to measure the length or distance in almost any setting. Especially for measuring his or her body sizes to keep track of weight loss, the string mode works in a far smarter way than most traditional body measurement tape measures do.
Anyone who has ever used a conventional tapeline for body measurements must have experienced inconvenience of having to squint to read the tiny scales. You would have to take a funny posture to read the scale, bending your body down to your waist or to your thigh. Bagel makes the measurement experience much simpler. Equipped with a digital screen, Bagel instantly displays your measurement and saves it with a click of a button. You can also record a voice memo of what you’ve just measured, rather than write it down on a piece of paper. After that, you can send your measurements and voice memos to your smartphone, on which Bagel’s mobile app will convert your voice memo into text and tag it to your data. Features of app include a chart that shows your body sizes have changed over time and analysis of your WHtR index. So, where can you buy this digital tape measure? Bagel smart tape measure will be launched in June 2016 on Kickstarter.