Measuring tape isn’t something that most people think too much about. You probably have one in a tool box or junk drawer and get frustrated when that bendable metal one can’t be used to figure out your waistline. Or when that paper one rips, or when that elementary school ruler needs to measure something longer than 12 inches.

Bagel Labs set out to rectify the need for all these different kinds of measuring tapes. They’ve made a smart measuring tape, bringing the instrument into the modern era. “In the past few years, all sorts of measuring devices have become smarter, and made our lives easier,” says CEO and founder Soohong Park. “Smart scales, smart thermometers, and even smart watches, but when it comes to measuring size we still use a tape measure, which is more than a century old.”

The tape measure has three modes. One uses a string, allowing for easy measuring in the traditional manner of a tape measure. But it also allows the user to wrap the string around objects. The length then reads out on a LED screen.

Another method uses a wheel, allowing the user to roll the tape measure along a surface to track distance. The third method uses an ultrasonic sensor to tell how far away an object is that is out of reach. The measuring tape sends out a red laser dot that hits the object that it will measure the distance to.

Then, instead of writing down measurements, users can tap a button and speak into the Bagel. It sends that voice memo to the user’s smartphone and, from the looks of the video, transcribes it and attaches the measurement to the recording. It’s the David Copperfield of tape measures. Magic.

The instrument is being funded through Kickstarter, where, with 20 days to go in their campaign, they’ve raised almost twenty times their initial $30,000 goal. While it’s pretty advanced, it’s also one of those great ideas that seems really obvious once you see it. Though, if you’re just a person whose notes are a complete disaster, there’s no saying that your notes won’t be a disaster here too. There’s just a better chance you get organized.