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Empowering your team with the new way of size measurement and data entry

Measuring tape and Bluetooth keyboard in one

Send accurate size measurements with a single click of a button to save time and prevent mistakes

Now Introducing

  • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Compatible with all major Operating Systems
  • Works with your software, apps & spreadsheets
  • Measures up to 160 cm, accurate to ±0.5 mm
  • Measuring units selectable: cm, mm, and inches
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 10+ hours of use

Time is money — save it with Bagel Labs Solutions

Save up to 60% in time by leveraging on our digital tape measures that wirelessly send measurement data with a single button click.

Say no more to pen and paper.

Measuring garments is a necessary task throughout the process of apparel design, production, quality control, and even sales. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most laborious and time consuming.

The average time needed to hand measure a single garment, record the data, and enter the data into a computer program hovers around 5 minutes.

Leave no room for error

Bagel Labs Solutions can help your team prevent human error regardless of skill and effort.

The traditional method of size measurement and data entry is prone to all kinds of human error.

Sometimes, operators measure several dimensions before writing them all down at once. This increases the risk of error by having them need to remember multiple numbers.

In quality control, inspectors often calculate the deviation of an actual measurements from its spec size before writing down the difference. This adds to the mental burden and exposes inspectors to mistakes (especially when they are measuring in fractional inches!).

Accelerate your team’s digital transformation

Our solution is compatible with any of your current system, whether it be PLM software or MS Excel on a laptop, mobile inspection app on an Android smartphone, or Google Spreadsheets on an iPad.

With the introduction of automation, digital transformation, and smart manufacturing comes the importance of good, reliable data.

The availability of quick and accurate measurement data in digital format is crucial across all processes in the apparel industry for you to make correct, real-time decisions across various operations.

  • The innovative measuring tape developed by Bagel Labs allows our company to be aligned with industry 4.0 and adds value to our process.

    Andres F. Castaño Industrias Printex, Seamless Engineering

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