In Updates

<The first batch of fresh PIEs have shipped out!>

Dear backers,

Trust you are all well. It was a hectic week at Bagel Labs, with the start of assembly, quality inspection, packaging, one more packaging, and shipping!

A few hours ago, some of you should have received an email from us titled, “Tracking Information for Your PIE.” There, you can find the link to a site where you can track your package.

<Tracking information sent to 225 backers>

If you haven’t received this email, that means your reward hasn’t been shipped out yet. We were able to produce 300 units of PIE this Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday was a national holiday in Korea), which is much less than we had expected. Inspection and packaging took much more labor and time than we thought, and so we’ve made some tweaks to optimize it.

Our goal is to ship out all rewards by next Thursday (Aug. 23rd). All of you will receive your tracking information by the next day. Thank you so much for your patience!

Mobile App

A beta version of PIE’s Android app is now available on Google Play! You can download it at the link below.

<Download PIE’s Android App>

As you can see, this is still an unreleased, development version of the app. Still, the main features of the app including logging in, connecting with PIE, syncing measurements, tracking progress, and setting goals are functional.

<Beta version of the Android app is now live!>

Some parts of the app that we have to continue to work on are: speed optimization, adaptive design for different phone sizes, and minor feature additions such as sorting measurements, adding the dummy that shows all your body sizes, and so on.

We plan to submit updates of the Android app at least once every two days and do our best to improve it as much as we can before your PIEs arrive. If you are interested in helping us test the current, development version, please send us your feedback through comments or messages! We will continue to keep track of your ideas on the Google Spreadsheet.

For iPhone users who haven’t downloaded the iOS version yet, here is the link!

<Beta version of the Android app is now live!>

Shipping Surveys

We still have 52 backers who haven’t sent us the reward surveys yet. Please fill them out as soon as you read this update so we can ship your PIE out next week. You can find the instructions on filling out the survey here.

That’s it for this week. Thank you again for your patience, and we’ll see you next week hopefully with all of your tracking information!

Best regards,

Bagel Labs