In Updates

It’s Thursday and time for another weekly update. Today, we are excited to announce that this will be the last weekly update before shipping begins! As we shared with you in our previous update, we’ll start assembling PIEs next Monday and send them out to our logistics warehouses on Thursday, Aug 16th. They will start shipping on Friday, Aug 17th.

<Everything is on track to start shipping on Aug 17th>

@Kickstarter Backers: You have 38 hours left to make final changes to your shipping address! About 10 hours ago, you should have received an email titled, “Last chance to confirm your shipping address.” Please make sure you have sent us the correct address so that none of your much-deserved PIEs don’t get lost.

<You have 38 hours to make changes to your shipping address>

We’ve already started creating shipping labels for backers in the EU, Singapore and New Zealand. Don’t worry if you’ve changed your shipping address in the last 10 hours or plan to do so in the next 38. We will create new shipping labels for you after the survey closes.

If you still haven’t filled out your shipping survey, please do so ASAP so that we can send you your reward along with everyone else’s. You can find the instructions here.


Production-wise, everything is ready. We have all the injection molded parts, springs, PCBs, user guides, boxes, plastic holders that go in those boxes, micro USB cables… and the list goes on. The fiberglass tapes that caused our previous delay arrived last week and easily passed our rigorous quality tests.

<Sneak peek at your reward before they’re put together>

We’ve already test assembled 50 PIEs in early July, so our line workers know what they’re doing and we know what to expect. That said, we’re confident that we’ll have all your perfect quality PIEs by next Tuesday. Still, let’s keep our fingers crossed, so nothing goes wrong — just to be on the safe side.

Mobile App

Thanks to your feedback, v1.4 of the iOS app is now ready on the Apple App Store. Again, thank you so much for all your valuable comments and ideas.

The PIE app for Android is taking a little more time that we had wanted but it will be ready before your PIEs are delivered. Since the iOS app has already gone through numerous patches and fixed major errors & glitches, our software team will be focusing a little more on finalizing the Android app. Nevertheless, we would love to keep hearing your feedback or ideas for the PIE app and we’ll keep tracking them on Google Spreadsheet.

That’s it for this week. As always, please message us with any questions or comments, stay hydrated, and we will see you next Thursday with more exciting news!