In Updates

It’s truly been a wild week. As the second batch of PIEs that were shipped out last week started getting delivered, we received a lot of comments, messages, and emails from you regarding various issues including DHL, mobile app bugs, and tracking.

We believe we’ve got back to each and every one of you that contacted us so far and solved (or are in the process of solving) each case. If you haven’t heard back from us, that means your message didn’t reach us. We would like to kindly ask you to resend it over to us at [email protected]. And by the way, we’d like to thank everyone for having been so patient with us throughout.

Today, we have quick updates on the fix for your iOS app and a free giveaway event.

“0” issue for iOS users now fixed with v1.9

Many of you had an issue with the iOS app in which all measurements showed up as “0.” We found the cause of this bug yesterday, sent out a patch to the App Store, and the fixed v1.9 is now available for you to download at this link.

As we shared through the comments section yesterday, this error was caused by the fact that some countries (mostly in Europe) use a comma (,) as the decimal separator.

When you press the save button on PIE, PIE converts raw data from its sensor into a format that we can comprehend. This size data is then sent to your smartphone app. Until v1.8, PIE sent data in the 123.45 (period separator) format, which iPhones in the regions that use 123,45 (comma separator) format couldn’t understand and hence displayed as 0.

Now, the v1.9 app fixes this problem by following your locale (user’s standard) settings. Please update your app by clicking the App Store button above. We’re sorry for this unexpected bug and hope it hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

Free Giveaway!

Since most of your rewards will be delivered within the next week or so, we would love to learn more about your first impressions and/or experiences with PIE.

Please email us your feedback with photos or videos of how you are using PIE at [email protected], or upload them on social media channels with the hashtag #BagelLabs (and let us know).

We will collect all your feedback through September 31st and announce the five winners (on October 6th) to receive a free PIE! (Shipping and customs fee are on us).

Lastly, we still have a lot of room for improvement on both the Android and iOS versions of the PIE app. We’ll keep working on fixing your bugs through app updates and let you know once your issues have been fixed.

That’s all for this week. Please send us your shipping survey if you haven’t already done so, enjoy PIE, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We’ll see you next week!