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This is your team at Bagel Labs and we have our first monthly update for you. Today, we will announce the five winners who will each receive a free PIE Smart Tape Measure and briefly share what we’ve been working on!

Five Winners for the Free Giveaway!

Following our Aug. 30th update, we received many comments and emails with your first impressions and feedback on PIE. We would like to first thank everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts. Now, let’s cut to the chase and announce the five winners!

Thank you Lazar, 2MM, Kyle, Christophe, and Peter for sharing your ideas! We found a lot of room for improvement on PIE’s app, data security, and possible new features. We will send you each a separate e-mail next week to collect your shipping address and send you a new PIE!

Again, we’d like to thank everyone else who pitched in to make PIE even better.


Coming Soon: Sync with Samsung Health

We understand that many of you already use multiple fitness apps and like to have a single platform where you can manage everything. That’s why PIE’s iOS app came with “works with Apple Health” in the first place.

Soon, PIE’s Android version of the app will be compatible with Samsung Health! We’ve successfully tested the sync and submitted the app to Samsung for review. This process is known to usually take around two weeks and we’ll upload the Android update when it’s ready for you. We’re also looking into ways to sync your PIE data with other platforms such as Google Fit, so please stay tuned for that as well!


PIE is Now Available on Amazon

PIE is now on Amazon(ships only to US addresses for now), and you can check it out here:

Your support helped us make PIE into a real product! This journey from turning an idea into a prototype, to a Kickstarter reward, and finally to an actual product hasn’t been easy and we couldn’t have come this far without your help. Again, thank you for all your help!


PIE for Backers in Japan

Back in May, we limited this Kickstarter campaign to ship PIEs only to a handful of countries to ensure minimum logistics issues. And hence, a lot of you in Japan had to cancel your pledges. Well, thank you for your patience! If you are in Japan and missed our Kickstarter campaign, you can now join us through Makuake here:

That’s all for this update. Enjoy your weekend and feel free to contact us through messages or email with any questions or comments! Thanks!