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It’s time for another weekly update on your smart tape measure! We have made a lot of progress over the last seven days and are proud to tell you that we’ll soon be setting up the assembly line. Here are some of the things that we accomplished this week.

Manufacturing Update: Fourth Iteration of Injection Molding Complete 

We now have most of the parts in their final forms! In this fourth iteration, we focused mostly on reducing warping and shrinkages, as well as preventing ejector pins from leaving marks on the casings. Let’s look at some of the comparison photos again:

<↓ Top Casing: Color applied, ejector pin marks all gone>

<↓ Bottom Casing: Color applied, warping reduced>

<↓ Fastening Gear: Shrinkage problem fixed>

<↓ PIEs from the fourth run successfully assembled, with labels indicating which molding tool cavity the casings were produced from>

All the parts except the top and bottom casings are now ready for mass production. The molding tools for the two housings will go through one last revision (a few micrometers tiny) to ensure a perfect fit.

Also, all the parts are now in their final colors! It’s very hard to capture PIE’s coral red color with a camera, but it’s stunning, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

App: Selecting Different Body Parts

One of our backers asked us how he can change the body part to measure. You can do this by either clicking the arrow at the very top of the screen for a drop menu or clicking the ALL button at the top right for an overview and selecting a body part (or adding a custom one).

Our campaign is nearing its end. Weekly updates will continue!

We have less than 48 hours left to the campaign, and so this is our last update before it ends. Since our target shipping date is only about a month away, we want to continue with these Thursday weekly updates. If anyone has any different ideas, please let us know!