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Hope everyone is having a great week. Today, we have a short update on our manufacturing progress.

Manufacturing Update: Third Iteration of Injection Molding in Progress

Over the last week, we’ve made all the revisions to the second version of the molding tools. We started the third run today and have the results for 10 of 12 parts. Let’s go through some of them with photos and comparisons with previous versions:

<↓ Left: 10 parts from the 3rd injection molding run. Right: Bottom Casing>

<↓ Top Casing: Warping & ejector pin marks reduced, texture pattern added>

<↓ Back Cover: Now with color applied>

<↓ Buttons: Color applied!>

<↓ Parts from third run successfully assembled>

We now have just a few minor revisions to the mold tool left. In our next weekly update, we’ll be able to share the results from the fourth run, all parts in their final colors. Stay tuned!