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This is the second of our weekly updates. Today’s two main topics are: measuring multiple users with one device and manufacturing progress.

Measuring Multiple Users

A lot of our backers have asked us if a single pair of PIE and smartphone can measure multiple users: This feature would be a massive plus for backers who want to use PIE with their family & friends, or clients in the case of fitness trainers, physiotherapists, tailors, and so on.

So, without hesitation, we added the feature. You can now add up to 100 members to your PIE’s mobile app and manage body size measurements for each.


Manufacturing Update: Second Iteration of Injection Molding Complete

Results are out from our second injection molding run! (Color is still in default black to best display scratches and marks.) Upgrades were done both for assembly ease and aesthetics. Let’s go over some of the major upgrades with comparison photos:

<↓ Top Casing : Modifed to reduce warping & ejector pin marks, added threaded inserts>

<↓ Back Cover: Applied mold texturing for patterns>

<↓ Left: Buttons also have texture applied. Right: Shrinkage problem for the fastening gear to be fixed by next injection run>

<↓ Parts from second run successfully assembled & firmware being updated over-the-air>

<↓ Most major parts have arrived!>

Over the next few days, we will be making additional revisions to the tool or our third test run on June 5th. Everything is on schedule for final delivery in July and we’ll keep working hard to keep it that way. Let us know if you have any questions!