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We hope everyone’s having a great week. This is the first of our weekly updates through which we will share how your support is being actualized into an awesome product. Today’s two main topics are Health App Integration and Manufacturing.

Health App Integration

Many of you have asked us whether PIE’s mobile app will have integration features with other health apps. We took a close look at some of the general health & fitness apps and succeeded in syncing PIE’s measurements with the Apple Health app. To see how it works, please check out the video below.

For Android users, we also looked into the Google Fit and Samsung Health apps’ APIs. Since Samsung Health already has a waist circumference data type built into it and Google Fit allows us to create custom data types, there is a high chance that we’ll be able to provide these options as well. We will update you with any progress on these and additional apps.


Manufacturing Update (First Iteration of Injection Molding Complete)

Last Friday, we completed the first injection molding test run for all of PIE’s parts including the two outer casings. We assembled the samples for inspection and identified necessary revisions to the tool for smoother tape extractions and retractions. We also have the final color mix for PIE’s resin, a bright and energetic fluorescent red with a hint of orange.

Over the next couple of days, we will go through minor tool revisions and run the second test round. We also have the last two major components, OLED displays and batteries, arriving soon so please stay tuned for our next update on these scheduled for May 31st!

<First iteration of injection molding tool for PIE’s casing being installed>

<Sample of front cover / Casing color selection complete>

<Samples of the first iteration assembled for inspection>